Design is a vital aspect of any website, both in terms of its visual impact, and in how the content is structured.

A number of different approaches can be taken, depending on the website’s specific requirements. While in some cases, a hand coded site may be best, where more complex features are required it may be better to run the site on a content management system.

Either way, the key to a succesful site is in making all the content easily accessible, and focusing on the features which are vital to the site’s purpose.



Regularly updated sites are in a better position to attract repeat visitors, and updated sites are also likely to appear higher up search engine listings than static or out of date sites.

While content management systems make it straightforward to update your site, it may prove more efficient or cost effective for the site to be managed on your behalf. Services are flexible and tailored to your requirements, and ensure that your content remains up to date and useful to your target audience.



High quality hosting is available on a shared server, which keeps costs to a minimum while providing access to all the server resources required by a modern website. All websites sit in their own password secured partition keeping them separate and secure from the other websites on the server.

As well as the website itself, many other facilities can be run off the server, from basic email accounts to full featured mailing lists, online diaries, and a range of other useful features.